Leaving my Boston apartment, and going to Vermont Tour!

Top of the morning to all of my friends. I was waiting for the movers to come yesterday. They promised to come at 12 noon, but what time do you think they came? 10pm at night! Aaaaargh! In Tokyo, where I am from, the trains are scheduled to which hour, which minute and to which second, and if a train runs late for more than 30 seconds, they’ll announce that the train will be “late.” There is a saying “time is money,” because time is as precious as money, but in this modern day society, time is more important and valuable than money! Aaaaargh!

Anyhow, it happened last night which is an ancient history. I’m about to leave for a four-day Vermont tour. I am sure that the heart with the dark big tornados whirling strongly in a bleak and desolate wilderness is going to be cleansed by the clear air and beautiful nature in Vermont. Well, I hope so.

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