With Composer Hiro

Back in NYC after two days of absence.

Today I made a visit to the studio of the great composer, Hiro. When I was still attending at a music college (which is an ancient history), he was already teaching at the same college. I was saying hi at the corridors and also I went to see his faculty concerts.

Wow, look at all the vintage keyboards racked up on the wall!! He said all keyboards are hooked up and all can be controlled on one central keyboard. I love this kind of stuff and so wanted it at some point but price tags were astronomical so I gave up in .5 seconds.

I had a great conversation with Hiro. It was not only so informative but a good reality check for me. He has been working on much much bigger productions in totally different caliber from what I have done. My jaw dropped right to the ground a few times because what he was saying was ridiculously bigger or more harsh than I could imagine. People, I might have said this before but music is NOT an easy business.

Hiro-san, I learnt a lot today. Thank you!!

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