Look Memorial Park in Northampton, Massachusetts!

I played in Northampton in Western Massachusetts on the other day. The place is about two hours away from Boston and the area is also called Five-College area so there are tons of young people in there and hip shops and restaurants are in everywhere. Though I have been to the urban part of Northampton and have played at concerts and festivals, maybe it was the first time to play in the rural part of the town. The park we played was impressively nice.

The last time we came here, there was a Gypsy Jazz Festival was happening and whole bunch of jam sessions were held at the big schoolyard of Smith College. (The story from here on is what the bandmates told me later) As soon as we got to Smith college filled with the sounds of jam sessions everywhere, Ippei disappeared immediately. They thought “ah, that guy got lost again,” then in the next moment, they heard very familiar bass sounds coming from the jam session right in front. There was the very familiar Asian guy with big smile jamming already! Ha-ha! I couldn’t wait a second so jumped right in! Even though I didn’t know most of the songs and chord structures, I invented on the way! Hey, we all have one life. Live free.

Shame won’t kill you. Peace out.

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