At the hospital



It was the first time in very long time to go to a hospital. There were a doctor and also an intern young girl. The doc let the girl do the routine check-up on me before he actually did the full-on medical examination and the doc looked like giving her a short lecture. The hospital was for low-income people and it was really cheep like the hospitals in Australia. Being the part of these lectures is one of the reasons it is so cheap. Well, whatever the reason, I am always cooperative to any kinds of teachers teaching their students. A little after, the intern girl said when she was examining my right nostril.

"Wow, it's completely closed!"


That's right. When I was young, I was spending most of my time training for Jiu-jitsu, Judo and Wrestling and was neglecting music for years. I got some kind of injuries literally everyday and I broke my nose a few times. As a result, the inner part of my right nostril is completely closed. I guess it is not so unusual for not only matial artists but all sportsmen and women, but......



"OH MY GOD!! Can I see it again? Please! Please!"

This young girl was so eager to open wide the 35-year-old guy's nostril. Well, I was embarrassed but that was for the future of a young doctor and for the development of medicine in America. I provided my nostril. Ippei Ichimaru, Sweet 35. Young girl gazed inside of my nostril, brushed me right up.

Is it really that interesting? Gee, I want to see it too.

Illustration: もずねこ

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