I got my hearing back!



This is the day whole Japanese people were observing a total eclipse of the sun and having the time of their lives. On the same day, one musician across the ocean was also having the time of his life. Well, more than that. He went into ruptures and was dancing and singing madly. Yes, I got my hearing back on my left ear on this day. The doctor said that I was not going to get the hearing back bit by bit but it would come back all in once someday. He was right. That was exactly how it happened. Nineteen days to heal. I was not expecting to get it back for another couple of weeks or so but that was it for the long scary days.

My friends, please be careful on any kind of disease on your ears. Because your evil friends, especially musicians, will make fun of you and make a toy of you and and.......

Illustration: イラそよ

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