International String Trio @ Hammond Castle



I had a wedding gig at the Hammond Castle in Gloucester with International String Trio. The castle is located right by the Atlantic Ocean and it is solemn, majestic and just beautiful. Well, the first question popped up in my mind was why this very European, very Medieval castle exists in the United States of America. The answer is that there was the inventor called John Hays Hammond Jr. who had patented over 800 inventions and made quite a bit of wealth. He was some kind of a castle freak, and after he got rich, he built one for himself. The guy was actually living in here and using the castle as his laboratory as well. This castle is not as old as it looks; it was built in 1929 so it is only 80 years old. The castle is now a museum and Medieval armor etc. of his collections are displayed in here.


Jeez, it's too beautiful!! I was so really glad to come to such a great place on such a great day! This view is the most wonderful gift for my 14th anniversary of being in America. Ha-ha.

International String TrioBen Powell (Violin)
Slava Tolstoy (Guitar)
Ippei Ichimaru (Bass)

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