Fenway Station



I was at a train station on the way to a gig. This is Fenway station, which is the closest station to the Redsox's Fenway park, so on the game days, this station becomes deadly. People, including roaring drunks, are in everywhere especially when they won some important games. When I was young, I happened to be at this station on that kind of day. I had to go to my band leader's place and go to a tour to the Southern States. The whole station were packed in like sardines with the people who were dancing and yelling and singing. To my eyes, it was an apocalypse. Young Ippei was not really the Bruce-Willis-type of guy who could rush into danger. I had a big bass and a traveling bag too. I was pushed to every which way and some people were yelling at me like "hey Yo-Yo-Ma! Play something!!" Young (and flat- broke) Ippei finally had to give up taking a train and had to cough up a big money to take a cab.

..... Oh, I always remember this traumatic experience when I come to this station......

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