Rehearsal with Mr. Marco Lienhard

We are thrilled to perform with the great Shaku-hachi (Japanese bamboo flute) player, Mr. Marco Lienhard, on our concert on April 19th. Marco sensei has been leading the New-York based Japanese drum group, TAIKOZA , for years. While he was living in Japan for thirteen years, he studied and performed Japanese traditional folk music intensively and also has been all over the world countless times.

This is very first time to have a guest player on WaFoo, and for most of us, it is the first time in our musician lives to play with the Japanese traditional musician in his caliber. We just did a rehearsal with Marco sensei and played four of our tunes. Marco sensei blew entirely different life into our music. I don’t want to give away the surprise so I won’t go details but the tunes were so different with his virtuoso shaku-hachi playing. Well, I hope I’ll be brave enough to play shamisen, which is another Japanese traditional instrument, right next to him.

Please come and check out our Spring concert on April 19th at St. Peter’s Church in Staten Island. I assure you the concert will be a lot of fun and surprises.

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