The Song of a Sugar Cane Field (Japanese drama 2003)


I just watched a great Japanese TV drama called The Song of a Sugar Cane Field (Sato-kibi Batake no Uta). That was very well made drama and one of the saddest movie I've ever watched. The story is about a simple happy family who had to go through the battle of Okinawa in World War II. Japanese army recruited civilians and was getting ready for Americans to come. All boys who were older than 14 got drafted and girls were for logistical support (mainly nursing). Some historians say the civilians "volunteered" to go to the frontline but we cannot forget whole citizen in Japan were brainwashed in those days especially kids. This part is also portrayed in this drama.

The main actor is actually a famous comedian in Japan and his humor and cheerfulness is counter-acting to deepen the sadness. It is like Guido in Life is Beautiful.

I really wish this drama is translated in English but it has not been translated since 2003, so I don't think it ever will be. What a waste.

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