Sarina Suno Quartet showcase @ Hudson Hotel

It's been a long time since we had this much rain in New York. Today's gig was a showcase of Sarina and Hara's quartet. "Showcase" is like musician's trade fair; several bands play for a short period of time and whoever interested in comes to the band and talk about some business. I think it was a joint showcase of seven booking agents and it was held at the penthouse on the top of Hudson Hotel. The hotel is located only a block away from the South-west corner of the Central Park.

(Lobby --- It's on the 2nd floor of the 24-story building. Of course it is indoor but it was like I was standing right in front of a church in a forest.)

In the penthouse on the top floor, the sound engineers were already there and all the gears were beautifully set up. Always good to work with professional agents. Only thing I had to do was taking my bass out from the soaking wet bass case and plug in to the bass amp.

 ほどなくしてお客さんもチラホラと現れ、本番を始めたのですが、その直後に今日お世話になるELAN ARTISTSのエージェントがなだれ込んできました。音が大きすぎるから静かにしろと言うのです。こういうショーケースでは我々の100%の本領を見せなくてはいけないのですが、ボリュームは極限まで押さえられました。我々は15分のショーケースが2本と聞いていたのですが、1時間のBGMを2セットやりました。果たしてこれでショーケースとしての役目は果たせたのか、心配でなりません。
The guests arrived bit by bit and we started playing funk tunes as we were asked to play. A moment later, the agent rushed in to the room and told us to put the volume down. Way down. Huh? We were here to do the showcase, that means we have to put our 100% on our music and have to make the guests interested in hiring us. Oh well, so we had to change the direction. We were going to play two short sets of 15-minute showcase, instead, we played two long sets of an-hour background music. I don't know if we could showcase anything.
The view from the penthouse. It was raining whole day and New York was cover with a fog.

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