Sarina Suno Quartet Concert @ Thailand Cafe


We had a concert at the same place with the same band members as last night. We were reunited and joined force after 20 hours of absence at Thailand Cafe. Unlike the last night, there were a lot of audience. We all thank to the people who came to the concert for their support and I thank Sarina and Hara for their countless hours of advertising, emailing and calling people. I really should follow their good example for my own projects. The only regret of today's show was the volume of my bass. I didn't bring my bass amp because I didn't use it on the last concert and on the one before. That was my mistake.
I was practicing before the show as well as on the intermission. For some reason, I can't swing as I could before. I hope I'm not going into slump period with low self esteem again. There is a saying in Japanese which goes "even if you fall down seven times, raise eight times." Okay, I'll punch it through.

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