Photo Shoot for International String Trio


I was in Boston under the snow storm. We came to the bar named Saint to do the photoshoot session with International String Trio. Michael Goderre, the professional photographer, took the photos and, jeez, what a difference. I am comparing to the photos I have been taking for my blog. It's literally day and night. Everything is so neat. Even the color of the sofa is great.

インターナショナル・ストリング・トリオ (The Saint, 2009/2/3)

....And this is the end product. Behold.
International String Trio (The Saint, 2/3/2009)


If you are looking for a photographer in New England, Michael is the best. I have been in the wedding business for ages and he is the most artistic photographer I have ever met.

Michael Goderre (Photographer)
Island Road Images

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