Left on Red

Liah Alonso (Vocal, Guitar)
Kelly Halloran (Vocal, Violin)
(On this photo, the instruments are reversed)

I went to see my dear friends, Kelly and Liah's unit Left on Red live in the Financial district in Manhattan. I have known Kelly for long long time. When she first came to the gig I was playing, she was only 14. I played with her for the first time when she was 16. I have been playing with her in several concerts and recordings since then. I also have had the pleasure of being friends with her family and I spent the Christmas of 2007 with her family. That was the best Christmas in my life. I always have had a dream of having a warm family since when I was a kid and her family is my ideal goal.



I participated in the recording of Left on Red a couple of years ago and their artistry has much matured since then. They did not spend time doing nothing. Splendid!

Kelly couldn't even play straight when I met her and now she is playing gracefully.

The growth of musicians is truly a wonder.

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