International String Trio Rehearsal @ Berklee College of Music


This entry is totally dedicated to my fellow alumni of Berklee College of Music. I came back to the old nest after a long long time. I think the last time I came here was about 7 years ago. Ben, our violinist, is still a student of the college (and a pupil of our beloved Prof. Hal Crook. Oh I love that guy. Do you guys know that he plays drums now?). Our Benny boy booked a room for rehearsal and I took advantage of this opportunity to take lots of photos of Berklee and show them to you guys on my blog.

It was still snowstorming at the night. I think it was rather a light snow in Boston-scale. Berklee with snowstorm...... What a perfect look to remember our college!


That's about it. My impression was that it was about the same with what was there 14 years ago. Nothing has really changed. Only thing I noticed was the Music Synthesis rooms on the right side of the entrance had been modified to something else. I was expecting lots of gadgets and some cool electrical stuff in everywhere.






Pop quiz to the alumni. I entered Berklee on 1995 and the tuition was 5500 bucks a semester in those days. Well, guess how much the tuition costs for a semester.

Your heart is jumping out from your mouth.

Are you ready.....

The answer is....

14,600 bucks!!

I was so surprised and almost flew out to the space. The cost of tuition rivals medical school's tuitions. If I had this much money, I would have been a doctor, a lawyer or a politician. There is no possible way for me to enter this college now. This is very first time to think this way but I am so glad that I was born early.

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