Dim Sum in Boston Chinatown


I arrived at Boston a bit early so I went out to get some lunch. I usually have the huge acoustic bass with me in Boston so I cannot really go into any restaurant. My choices are usually the food court at the South station and get some fast food. Today was different. My good friend, Slava, was taking care of my bass so I was not tethered with nothing. I could go to any restaurants without worry so I decided to get some dim sum in the Chinatown.

Dim sum is finishing around 2:30 and I went in about 2 o'clock so the place was almost totally empty. Hmm, it looked like I could bring in my gigantic bass without any problem around that time. I'll tell you how dim sum style works. There were bunch of waitresses pushing carts which have different dishes on them. Each dish is only a small potion so you take whatever you want to eat and pay for whatever you took. Now here is the important thing you should know if you are a novice on dim sum. They serve only a certain number of dishes on each kind of dish, if one kind is sold out, that's it and you can't order that dish anymore. So the number of kinds of dishes decreases rapidly as the clock ticks. (In some places, you can order after it runs out but not in everywhere). If you want more choices of dishes, you should come in on earlier side like everybody else. That was why the place was so deserted around 2 o'clock which was a half an hour before the dim sum ending. Well, I knew that I would not have too many choices and there would be just whatever left on the shelf, but I still had good eight to ten choices. I took three dishes from those eight to ten and I was quite happy with that. I found a great place to munch out. I think I am going to come back with my bass around the same time.

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