International String Trio @ Brooksby Farm


I came to the great farmland. I had a wedding gig in Peabody, Massachusetts with International String Trio. Look at the pics. I do not even know the name of the color of the sky; it was bluer than blue --- but not in a sad sense like Michel Jackson's song. I could not believe that this view existed on the same planet that dirty and squalid Brooklyn was also on. I came here to work but I left that thought behind and took about 100 pictures. Ha-ha.


A little sunflower field. Tremendous life force. Oh, these sunflowers are too dazzling for this musician with an unwholesome complexion wriggling like a worm on the lowest strata of the concrete jungle of Manhattan.


I love the animals in there. Llamas, peacocks, sheep, chickens, etc.

Ben Powell (Violin)
Slava Tolstoy (Guitar)
Ippei Ichimaru (Bass)

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