International String Trio @ The French Library and Cultural Center


We played at the place where we do not come so often. It was the French Library in Boston and we got the request to play a lot of French tunes. Ha-ha. Local jazz bands can never take that request but it was a piece of cake for us, because our speciality is the colorful and large repertoire of international tunes. We did not name ourselves International String Trio with no reason, you know.


By the way, while we were playing at the library, 70-ish grandpa with a beret kept bringing young ladies on the stage and kept dancing with them. A 70-year-old man, still in active service. Gosh, that was bloody awesome. This is the part I am missing in my body.

Ben Powell (Violin)
Slava Tolstoy (Guitar)
Ippei Ichimaru (Bass)

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