George Farrell Trio @ Harvard Faculty Club


Day 2 in Boston. I had a gig at Harvard Faculty Club. Well I was quite surprised that I came to know there were Harvard Clubs everywhere in US on the other day. Today I played at the club which is for the exclusive use for the faculty members of Harvard University. Wow, this is totally different level from my college. Our friend Enrique came all the way down from New York too and three of us play together after a long time. By the way, I just cannot thank George enough. When my car died, I made lots of hustle for him, but yet, he helped me a lot. I will write all about it in different entry. I just want to say that I have a really good friend.

George Ferrell TrioEnrique Haneine (Keyboard)
Ippei Ichimaru (Bass)
George Ferrell (Drums)

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