International String Trio @ Chatham Bars Inn


I came to Boston spending four hours in a bus. This is the end of the wedding season and this gig would be the last wedding gig in Boston area this year. The wedding was held in Cape Cod which is famous as a picturesque place, but it was already in the middle of Fall. This summer-resort in northern State had more fallen leaves than the ones still on the trees. It was a view of the beginning of Winter and I, as a matter of course, did not expect for a scenic view.

Then at the break in the middle of the gig, I saw the outside of the window and was surprised. "What a color of the sky." I grubbed my camera and run out to the outside. Everything in my sight was dyed in the most beautiful and impressive red-purple --- beach, waves and everything. There was an air of fantasy about the scene in front of me.

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