"NY 2022" @ Guggenheim Museum (Day 1)


This is the actual performance. The picture above is right before we got onto the stage. Note that we all were not attired with stage costumes or anything but usual everyday cloths. We were being told to wear casually and normally because we will be sitting with audience and when the time comes, we stand up and get onto the stage. The whole production is peculiar and interesting. I think the audience liked the performance. Before the performance, I actually watched the movie "Soylent Green" which is the story that this play is adapted from. I think I understood the story much better after I watched it.

We were told to come back to the green room no later than 7 o'clock after the dinner, so I finished the dinner quickly and head back to the green room. Then I found out that only people who came back in time was four Japanese people. We were laughing about it. This is so Japanese.

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