International String Trio in Cambridge, MA


We had a Jewish wedding gig at a hotel in Cambridge which is right next to Boston. That was a real luxurious wedding. This gig is the last wedding gig in Boston. The view was good and the food was good. Ha-ha.



At the same time, this gig was a bit of a challenge for me in self-controlling. We did not have much room to set up and the management told us to set up right in front of the door which lots of people go in and out all the time. Bad things were bound to happen but I had no choice. Sure enough, my back and the back of my head are hit by the big heavy door each time people open it. My stress meter was clicking up a bit by bit and dangerously closing to the red zone. I am not blaming on anybody. It was not the fault of the people who opened the door. I should not be standing in front of the door from the first place. The gig ended an hour later. The pointer of the meter had already wavered the maximum mark long time ago. Immediately after the gig, I started wondering around just because I did not want to take it out on the band members.

Then I heard a great groove. The band in the next hall started playing. I just lucked out to catch the performance of one of the most renowned party-bands in Boston, Legit. I had come across with them several times when I was still doing a party-band. Their rhythm and solos are so powerful and each tune was really refined. I listened to three tunes straight and I enjoyed every second of the performance of well-experienced professionals.

After I heard it, I could not say I forgot all the troubles I had an hour ago, but my heart was not heavy either. The forest fire in my heart was brought down to a fire of a match. The power of music is splendid. You can forget any of the bad experiences you had when you hear good music. I reconfirmed it today.

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