Rehearsal for "NY 2022" @ Guggenheim Museum (Day 1)

 WaFooのリーダーの一雄さんから誘われ、映画『ソイレント・グリーン』をモチーフにした"NY 2022"という前衛劇に参加する事になりました。グッゲンハイム美術館という超有名な所で公演されるらしいのですが、私はこの美術館の存在をついぞ知りませなんだ。うーむ、コンテンポラリー系の美術館らしいのですが、私、見たことも聴いたことも……………

Kazuo, the leader of WaFoo, asked me to participate in the avant-gaurde play, "NY 2022" based on the movie "Soylent Green." He told me that the play is going to be at the super famous contemporary museum called Guggenheim Museum but, I'm sorry, I had never known the museum existed. Never seen, never heard.....

The generator which appears on the play. I wanted to play around with it, but, timid as I am, I could not get on in front of everyone.

Three of the members of WaFoo --- Kazuo, Yuuki & I --- participated in this project.

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