Rehearsal for "NY 2022" @ Guggenheim Museum (Day 2)


The second rehearsal of "NY 2022." We had a dress rehearsal with not only the orchestra but also actors and singers and everyone. We rehearsed from the beginning to the end and I saw the whole thing for the first time. Mmm, it is really Avant-garde. To tell the truth, I don't think I got it. Somebody told me that I wouldn't get it if I had not watched the movie "Soylent Green" which is the original work of this play. Well, I have not watched it and I really had no idea.






By the way, Guggenheim IS certainly famous and I made myself stupid by not knowing the museum. The musician friends in New York and Boston made fun of me so much. Yuuki, the band mate, told me that Guggenheim Museum has the second most collection of Kandinsky next to Germany. Wow, here comes new name again. Who the heck is Kandinsky?

This guy (Wassily Kandinsky)

Well, Kandinsky is also hard to understand for me. Although I myself play avant-garde music called Free Jazz, I don't understand avant-garde arts and my head almost explodes. I think my brain is missing that part. In passing I might mention that the ones I like are, #1, easy to understand, #2, tender. These two things are the most important for me. Come to think of it, that's exactly where I want to go with my music. This is the art work I love.

King Menkaure (Mycerinus) and queen (Museum of Fine Arts in Boston)

It is easy to understand and its tenderness is conveyed to me straight away. I like this kind of arts. I like Impressionists too.

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