Oden party with WaFoo


To everyone in the States, it was the day of Halloween, but to me, it was the day of oden party with WaFoo. Oden is very traditional Japanese winter dish and the most important point is that you have to eat it with a lot of people. It was my idea to get together and do the business meeting with the band and, while we are together, I suggested to eat oden. That was my master plan to eat oden; I didn't care much about the business meeting. Anyway we got together at Mitsuwa, the Japanese super-market, to get everything we need for oden.

Looking to New York City from Mitsuwa located right by the Hudson River.

We ate lunch together then did our shopping. After we got what we needed, I wanted to run back to the house with the light speed and eat oden but we did full length of business meeting at a coffee shop before we headed home. Since I was the one who mentioned the meeting, I could not say things like "hey, let's skip the meeting and go eat." Oh well, everyone was so hard working person. I was so hungry though.

When we got to the house, it was already dark outside. Well, we did only a bit of shopping after the lunch but could not come back while the sun was still up, that means the meeting was too long! Anyway, Kazuo (leader, Bass player) and Yuuki (Flute) prepared oden quickly, and Takeshi (Synth) and I joined with them. Yutaka (Drums) and Sanae (Calligraphy) could not make it unfortunately.

The oden was super excellent. It hit the right place. We also made grilled tuna, also excellent. I enjoyed every bit of it.

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