Enrique Haneine Sextet @ Ram's Head Inn, Shelter Island, NY


The wedding gig on the small island called Shelter Island which is located on the tip of Long Island, New York. Enrique and I drove together for three hours to the resort. Once we get off from the ferry, I just saw so many of picture perfect in everywhere. Unfortunately I did not have time to look around but I took as much pictures as possible while the other band members were setting up; I put those photos above.

Sound checking.


We played Latin Jazz mainly for the night. We usually play with three musicians for Enrique's band but we double the number for this gig and we had six people in the band. Not only the sound was much thicker than usual but also the level of the musicianship of each players were really high, so I, as a musician, had a blast. Another great gig. Thanks Enrique and everybody.
Enrique Haneine Sextet
(from left)
Lou Petto (Drums)
Lex Samu (Trumpet & Flugel Horn)
Enrique Haneine (Keyboard)
Ippei Ichimaru (Bass)
Marek Dykta (Guitar)
Rebeca Vallejo (Vocal)

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