Mr. Yutaka Kobayashi




I had a bit of reunion with my old friend, Yutaka Kobayashi. When I was at the music college in Boston, he and his wife, Ghoe, helped me a lot. They were more than just friends but like my parents. In Japan, we had a custom to take our parents out for a dinner when we get the first salary. Guess who I took out to a nice Chinese restaurant in Chinatown after I got my first gig. I learnt a lot from him till they went back to Japan. I really enjoyed playing music with him too. I will never forget their kindness.

Yutaka knows that I have been having trouble deciding which direction I should take on my music. He said "there are the music and the work which only Ippei can do." I was saved by this word.

Yutaka-san and Ghoe-san, I wish you good health and good luck.

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