International String Trio @ State Room


The wedding gig at the State Room in Boston. The place is located on the top floor of the sky scraper built close to the ocean, so you can catch sight of the whole Boston Harbor. As far as I know, the venue has one of the most beautiful view in Boston and I always love working in here.


This is The Faneuil Hall Market Place. It is a huge establishment which takes about five minutes to walk across from one side to another, but even my dirt-cheap camera could take the whole view of it because I was shooting this photo from way up high.


This is Custom House Tower, one of the places of interest in Boston. The height is 496ft (151m) and it was the tallest building in Boston for a long time. I have heard that the building is now the Marriott Hotel.


The super gigantic cargo ship leaving the Boston Harbor. I did not know that cargo ships are this mountainous and as huge as the Faneuil Hall. I was surprised again when I found out it was actually a Japanese ship.


I just love this photo. This pic is actually a miss-shot that I forgot to set the flash on for the backlight, but I am liking the silhouette of us jazz musicians.

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