Hara Garacci Group in Boston, MA


(I had not renewed my blog for a month to apologize to the person whom I violated his/her privacy. I am restarting my blog again as of today. I apologize to the people whom I unwittingly gave any troubles or worries. I would like to put some entries between Aug 6th and Sept 6th even just pictures.)


My buddy Hara gave me a party gig for a law farm in Boston. We heard the news that a storm was approaching, so I was worried about rain and wind because it was an outside gig. Well, it did not rain much but we sure had strong wind and one of the PA speaker was knocked down by it while we were playing. Oh boy, I though my heart was going to stop.

Nonetheless, it was a fun gig with Slava and my old friend whom I have not played with for months, Renato.

Slava Tolstoy (Guitar)

Renato Malavasi (Drums)

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