Enrique Haneine Trio @ Montclair Golf Club


I had a gig at the county club in West Orange, New Jersey. There is a big Japanese super market, Mitsuwa, right on the way to the gig, so I stopped by and did a bit of shopping. I love this place and, inside of this complex, there are Japanese food court as well. I had a nice Japanese snack, taiyaki, after a long time. Ha-ha.


It was Enrique's trio gig today. Lou the drummer couldn't play with us for a while because he had been too busy with his own project. I think this is the first time in this year for three of us to play together. The gig was fun. Playing with old and trusted friends feels especially good today. Even if I was not thinking of anything, the phrases comes up to my mind automatically and my bass played itself. I also enjoyed the surprise which both of them suddenly change in the middle of the tunes to the music styles peculiar to Latin players like Cha-cha, Danzon etc. After all, what I love the most is any kind of dancable music which relies heavily on improvisation. With Enrique and Lou, I could play and enjoy at the same time today.

(Lou asked me to take a lot of photos because he needed them for his own web site so I shot quite a bit. Please check them out in here)

Enrique Haneine (Keyboard)
Lou Petto (Drums)
Ippei Ichimaru (Bass)

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