My metronome





My metronome ran out of battery. This is one joyful moment for me. I can think back and be proud of myself that I had practiced really hard. Ha-ha. I put new batteries in and was about to start practicing. Wait, why isn't this thing working? Hmm? Eh?


That was when I finally realized that, not the batteries, but the metronome itself was cooked. Oh well, my metronome was on its last legs. I had used it for about four years so I would say it had a long life. Mr. Metronome, I could improve a lot because of you. Thank you very much, My friends, if you think I'm not improving, it's not my fault; it's Mr. Metronome's fault. Do you understand?

What I was using was Korg TM-40 digital tuner/metronome and I decided to buy the exact same metronome because it has been so good. It is going to be my side again for long years.

Illustration: 牛飼いとアイコンの部屋

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