International String Trio @ Seaport World Trade Center in Boston



I will be in Boston for next six days doing corporate gigs and wedding gigs. Basically I'm becoming a migrant worker for a while. I am a stone-broke itinerant musician and I'll do whatever I have to do. Oh boy, This is going to be one tough trip, but also by doing this short tour and making a bit of a saving, I will be able to stay home and practice what I love.

Today's gig was at Seaport World Trade Center in Boston. There was a conference of pharmaceutical companies going on in there. We are hired by one of the exhibitors whom hired us last year. We'll be an attraction at the booth and it worked last year. The company is selling a cool automated machine which is used to develop new medicine. They were showing the video of it and it was so cool. The machine has some kind of a robot arm and it picks up the containers, shakes them, mixes them, empties them and what not. I had fun just watching the video. They said that the machine costs a million bucks and they had sold seven of them last year. Wow, I'm working hard and doing about 200 of 50-buck gigs a year to make both ends meet. It's totally different scale.
I think our job was well done and attained our first objective which was becoming the eye-catcher for the people walking by. I hope they'll hire us again next year too.

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