Session @ Enrique's



A fun session at Enrique's. Adding to the usual members, Enrique Haneine and Kyoko Oyobe, we had our good friend Lex Samu on trumpet. It was a great free jazz session. Maybe people think free jazz is the music of nonsense. Well, it's right answer somewhat but not entirely right. I'll write about it some day.

I have the trouble which I have had for a long time; I don't even know which direction I want to take on my music. This problem has not been solved and I just keep working, but each time I do a free jazz session, I can see some kind of a hint to solve my problem. What I have found out so far is that, in any genre of music, this person, Ippei Ichimaru, likes a gentle music and dislikes the music and musicians that emphasis too much on forms. I guess I'll find something else in me as long as I keep doing the free jazz session. This is my way of life and I am fine with this. There are a lot of things in life which you cannot find by just walking straight.

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