Guchi (Some Grumbling)

So sorry.




I arrived to New York after eight hours of driving from Vermont. It was bloody long. I left Vermont when dusk was deepening and, when I was reaching New York, the morning rush hour was already starting. Of course this long-driving was after I drove eight hours to get to Vermont and worked for four hours.

These tiring things, however, were NOTHING. I had experienced several catastrophes on the top of the catastrophes I had undergone on the day before. You will cry if I write everything. Fact is stranger than fiction. That was a hyper-condensed bad day. When I came back to my place after 24 hours of absence, I just realized something.

"Only one day had past since yesterday."

Only Jack Bauer and John McClane would understand how I feel right now.

I apologize to take such a long time to renew my blog. I set a rule that I would write only enjoyable things but, for this entry, I could not write anything enjoyable and was kept writing and erasing again and again. I might be going to erase this whole entry soon. I apologize to my friends and families whom I made worried. I didn't mean to do that.
Please come again.

Illustlation: もずねこ

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