International String Trio @ Temple Beth Avodah



I'll be in Boston for next two days. Today, I went to a synagogue in Newton, Massachusetts for a Bar Mitzvah (Jewish 13th birthday) gig. It was unexpectedly a huge party and I think there were 150+ guests in there. The entertainment section was very impressive too. Three musicians, that's us, were playing nice Jewish music all the time and there were video games and small basket ball game and air hockey thing and what not.

Well, I can not stop thinking how my 13th birthday was like. I was still in Japan and was in the freshman year in a junior high school in Tokyo. Yes, now I remember. I was a member of the school brass band, playing the euphonium which is the down-sized tuba. Come to think of it, that was when I was enjoying music the most innocently in my life. I was insanely longing for beautiful music. I was an ugly and not bright kid which made me pretty unpopular among the girls, and I spent bloody painfully boring youth. The year when I was 13, however, was my only shining year of my youth, was the year when I only love music by almost self-brain-washing myself. Oh, I look back on it with nostalgia. Well let's go back to the topic of this paragraph, my 13th birthday. I think I remember the band mates gave me some presents. I remember the pretty girl who plays trumpet and another pretty girl who plays trombone gave me something. (I remember this vividly just because I only have two experiences that I was given something from pretty girls in my life: at my 13th birthday and at my farewell party when I went to Australia as an exchange student). Huh, what were the gifts? No wonder I can not remember because it was 21 years ago. Was that a mechanic pencil? I don't remember what it was but I do remember I was extremely happy.

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