International String Trio @ The Inn at Westwynd

International String Trio
with Vocal
Eric Starker (Vocal)
Kelly Kauffman (Violin)
Clint Smith (Guitar)
Ippei Ichimaru (Bass)


A wedding gig in Hershey, Pennsylvania, the town where the headquarters of Hershey's Chocolate is in. It was unfortunately raining cats and dogs but the wedding was suppose to be held outside so I guess so many things were changed on the very last minute. They changed the place for the ceremony to the inside of the tent but some spots on the ground inside the tent was like mud. It was not the best condition. On the way to the venue, I and Eric the singer was talking about the worst wedding gig we did. I did a gig on a small island under a storm in the old tent outside. It was not sealed well enough so the rainwater was blowing through from everywhere. Not only wet but cold, and some unlucky guests were soaked and shivering.



Maybe this gig was one of Ippei's bad gigs, you think. Well, compare to the small-island gig, this storm was nothing and we had a lot better tent than that. Actually this gig was one of my best gig. There was something nobody expected occurred right before we finished playing. The storm was calmed down a bit and a rainbow appeared. Not just a normal rainbow. It was the clear and the thickest half-circled rainbow I had ever seen and also a thinner rainbow on outside of it, so it was a double-rainbow. Even to me who had no idea on visual arts, the rainbow was burnt on my eyes; it was like the thirst in my heart was fulfilled. That was the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen in my life. It was raining hard and was a long drive, nonetheless I felt so happy to see such an alluring beauty.

Illustration: もずねこ

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