WaFoo Fall Concert @ St. Peter's Church




I played in WaFoo's Fall Concert in Staten Island, New York. This concert was also for the announcement of the release of our first album. We put our hearts and souls for this concert even more than usual. The most remarkable thing for me on this concert was that I realized WaFoo was now in a completely different level. It may sound like a cheap self-glorification but it is not. Taking an objective view as a professional musician, "completely different level" is very appropriate expression. The style and the orchestration of our band is peculiar and unique. Nonetheless to say, it is much easier to play in established settings so we knew from the beginning that we would need long time and a lot of efforts to go beyond the existing limit.

Took us five years. I was thinking to myself that the band had come long way. I was moved and tears almost dropped from my eyes in the middle of playing. My heart was full.

I am so glad that the whole band members stuck together and have persevered in making this band happen. Let's keep at it and make our music beautiful.

Illustration: 篆刻素材AOI

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