Michael Kelley with Hot Blue Q @ Michael Timothy's


I played with my old friend, Michael Kelley. We have known each other for at least 10 years or so. Neither one of us thought we would become such good friends for such a long time. We used to tour a lot with Brendan, today's drummer, and our friend Enrique who appears on my blog from time to time. After a while, Michael set up the party band called Charisma --- named by Enrique by the way, and all four of us were in the band. Enrique moved to New York soon after, Michael left the band and another guy took over the band, the band got really busy, I left the band and moved to New York, Brendan remained in the band but then this year the band leader quited and the band was dissolved. Lots of things had happened in the last ten years.
On the other hand, Michael kept his fusion/jazz band, The Hot Blue Q, going which he formed even before he started the Charisma. Michael has a monthly gig with this fusion band in Nashua, New Hampshire. I was happened to be in the area today so I could participate in this gig.



A note after we started playing, all the memories of the time when we were touring came back to me. We went to Michael's brother's place and had a lot of fun with Michael's nieces, played at the festival right by the beach, got lost on the way to the gigs and had to go miles around, couldn't find a restroom in anywhere and when we arrived at a motel, all four of us raced into the restroom.

We all were young. We fought a bit and there were some hardships, at the same time, we had so much fun. Everything is a good memory now.

I am really glad that we could play together today.

Michael Kelley with Hot Blue QMichael Kelley (Alto & Tenor Saxes)
Genya Lebedev (Keyboard)
Ippei Ichimaru (Bass)
Brendan Byrnes (Drums)

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