International String Trio in Vermont




Lots of things happened since the morning. Before I launched this blog, I set the rules of what to write and what not to write. Not to write bad things and only write good things is one of the rules. I am not going to break that rule, but let's just say I had a pretty bad day from the start. On the day of catastrophe like this, I force myself to continue doing what I usually do like just another ordinary day. This is my therapy.

Well, we came to the wedding gig close to the Canadian border in the State of Vermont. The place is far far away from any cities or even towns, and is surrounded with the woods which is turning to the color of Autumn. The whole atmosphere somehow reminded me of the view of peaceful country area of Japan. I saw this beautiful sight after "the Ippei's worst day of the year 2008," and drove eight hours from New York, so I was exhausted both in my heart and body. It was like a big French cuisine after fasting. I was really happy to see tremendous view of nature.

The gig was great. Forest, mountains and lakes were around us. I felt thankful to even the color of cloud reflecting the setting sun and the twittering of small birds.

International String Trio

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