Rehearsal with WaFoo


The rehearsal with WaFoo. This rehearsal was for the concert coming up in two weeks. This concert has, I think, the richest variety of song selections in WaFoo's history. Each member of WaFoo has unique and so different speciality and career. That's pretty much the biggest problem of us and that is what making WaFoo distinct and interesting. After five years of countless rehearsals, we have learnt to play together, and deveroping from the togetherness, now we try to expand and diverse.

The concert is the crystal of our efforts and history. Please come and check it out.

WaFoo Fall Concert
9/28 (SUN) 4pm
Admission: FREE!
@ St. Peter's Church
53 St. Marks Pl, Staten Island, NY 10301


Yuuki made nice chocolate-dipped banana & strawberry after the rehearsal. They taste really good.

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