My high school principal and my host mother in Australia



My aunt sent me an email saying she had got the Christmas card from the Principal of the high school I attended. Oops, I lost contact with the people whom I awe the most in Australia. My host mother and Mr. & Mrs. Principal looked after me so much. That was the time I could not speak a word of English so I am sure I made a huge trouble for them. I have not forgotten their kindness but I simply did not know how to get in touch with them again. Also to me, who move every few years, it was beyond my imagination that they had been living in the exact same place for last 20 years. My host family and the Principal's family lived next door to each other and we had barbie from time to time. They really were like my own parents. That was good old days.

I will write a Christmas card today, but how can I break out the fact that I haven't even got married while everybody else has been married and divorced already, and have been a musician living from hand to mouth...... Oh, well.

Illustration: 素材のプチッチ

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