Session @ Enrique's

Kyoko Oyobe (Piano)
Ippei Ichimaru (Bass)
Enrique Haneine (Drums)

A fun session with Enrique and Kyoko. Today's session was not relaxed one though. Unlike the usual sessions, Enrique set up the recording devices and recorded everything we played. I was not really paying attention on the recording devices first and finished playing one tune. We listened to the recording and I froze.



"Rhythm is off, pitch is off too."

My hairs were all turned white after I listened to it. For musicians, recording is something you can see your real self in mercilessly clear vision. I was like the female gorilla that saw a mirror for the first time. I saw a decrepit practice-lacking musician in the mirror. I played in the right rhythm and the right pitches as though my life depended on it after that. The volume of the bass, however, went way down because I was so nervous. I could hear the sound of my sweat hitting the floor louder than my bass.


I haven't been practicing the basic techniques seriously in these days. Oh well, I have to do something about this.

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