Peter Erskine


Peter Erskine is a well-known jazz/rock drummer whom I have been a fun of since when I was a teenager. I was just a country-bred stupid kid in Australia and could not hear important essences and fundamental things of music, but now the 20 years later, I have become an experienced professional musician and my ears have got developed way beyond I could imagine in those days. I discovered this video clip today. His playing really shook me up and almost made me fall from the chair.



What he is playing is really simple. The tempo of the tune is not fast either. What and how it is amazing is the depth of his beats. I can not really describe well enough but when each beat is on the right spot for the style you are playing, musicians would say "(the beats are) in the pocket." It does not mean that the beats are mathematically correct, but it has to include the notes between beats and grace notes to be "in the pocket." Everything what Peter Erskine is playing in this video clip is in the pocket."

When I see this kind of players and do the reality check, I feel "it is still long way to go." I will be 35 soon but am still a white belt novice.

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