Sarina Suno Quartet @ Thailand Cafe

Sarina Suno (Violin)

(I am done with the bloody painful moving so finally I can get my blog going again. Well, before I get to it, I have to catch up with the time. I will write what has been happening with my life first.)
Hara Garacci (Guitar)

I had the usual Wednesday gig with Sarina and Hara and we had Marko on drums. Because of the fact that I am fed up with the moving and spending lots of hours on packing, the gig felt so relaxed to me and eased my pain.
Marko Djordjevic (Drums)

Pop quiz. What is the easiest way to discriminate between good players and bad players? There are lots of answer to that question but one of the answers is that if the player can control volume or not. Sarina has been really sensitive on the volume and the pitch and nowadays her control on volume on the violin is going extreme. It's excellent. I, the bassist, have had to really concentrate even more than before to accompany her.
Ippei Ichimaru (Bass)



By the way, Sarina is also looking for a new place to live. She does not drive and does not have to worry about the parking so she has been looking for a place in Manhattan. I see. I myself should move to Manhattan once I got used to not having a car.

Oops, I was forgetting, with economic condition as I have, I am not able to live in Manhattan. Ha-ha.


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