The concert had finished around 12:30am. I was starving to death so walked down to the Japanese beef-bawl chain store, Yoshinoya in Times Sq.. I recommend this place to all of my musician friends who work late night. The place is open till 3am --- 4am on Fri & Sat.. I got there around 1:30am and of course it was open for business. To the people who don't know Yoshinoya: this place is a fast food place after all so don't expect the quality food but it is a lot better than McDonald's or greasy cheap foods if you pay the same price. It's cheap especially around Times Sq., you can eat a lot and the place opens very late.


By the way, beef bowl is very popular food in Japan and Yoshinoya is the biggest franchised beef bowl restaurant. They serve much different and considerably better beef bowls in Japan and I always have to put a big question mark on why they don't serve the same thing in the US???

253 West 42nd St. (between 7th & 8th Ave), Times Square

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