AM New York

 今日付けのニューヨークのフリー・ペーパー『AM New York』紙にWaFooの写真が(ちょこっと)載りました。


AM New York (2009年11月5日)


A small picture of WaFoo appeared on today's AM New York, the free paper in New York.

You can check out the PDF version on the link below. We are on the top part of the Page 18.

AM New York (Nov. 5, 2009)

It is rather small, but I will cut out the pic and put it on the fridge. By the way, the picture was taken at the gig last week and I was there also. I should be sitting right next to Yuuki playing my tambourine with my happy face on for the camera, but I am edited out. Oh well.

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