Taiko Drum Class (Week 3)


Kaoru is tuning the Oke-do Daiko by tightening the rope around the drum. I see, it looks like the tuning system is almost same as djembe drum.


Welcome to the Week Three. I am still having trouble on simply getting good sounds. When Kaoru plays, the sound is heavy and it sounds like DON-DON-DON-DON. When I play, it is like puff-peff-poff-paff. Some mysterious sound effects which shouldn't come out from taiko drums are there. Kaoru said, "Don't try to make a big sound but a sharp sound." Oh-oh, my brain hurts.


We learnt very important aspect of Japanese music called "Ma" (space between notes). Come to think of it, what we have been doing were not really metronomic. Another tough, but interesting, subject which I have to conquer. Kaoru also showed us a new shout "Yo-Oh!" Oo, Ippei loves it. It sounds so Japanese. My Japanese blood boils.

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