Taiko Drum Class (Week 4)


Our regular instructor, Kaoru, was away so Malika sat in and taught us today. I say the same thing every time but making good sounds is not easy. The more I try to play with good form, the stiffer my arms get. It reminds me of the time I just started practicing jiu-jitsu. Well, at the same time, I know that I am a slow learner myself so I will take my time. Ever since my kindergarten years, I have never achieved much when I do things in a hurry. Now I remember that, when I was practicing jiu-jitsu, it took me three to four years to really internalize the super basic technics.


Oh yes, we found something funny. This is just a coincidence but there were Malika the instructor and six students in the class, and out of those seven, six of us are either school teachers or ex-school teacher (that's me). 85.7% of one class are teachers. Oh I have never wanted to be in such a class. By the way, the remaining 1 is a college student. Oh, thou art a poor kid. She is in her worst nightmare.

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