Keith Jarrett/Gary Peacock/Jack DeJohnette Concert @ NJ PAC


I am in heaven. I just saw the concert of Keith Jarrett/Gary Peacock/Jack DeJohnette at New Jersey Performing Arts Center. Well, I could only afford the cheapest ticket so my seat was way back and way up high of the concert hall. It was like I was sitting on the top of the score board of a baseball ground, and I was looking diagonally down like an Olympic ski jumper on a top of a take-off ramp.



Needless to say, the performance was out of this world. Though I have been a long-time fun since my college years, it was the first time to see them in live. (They don't come to Boston too often, you know). The gentle tide of their sound reached to the end of the gallery on the 4th floor. Until recently, although I really always enjoy and was moved every time I saw live concerts of big names, I had this inferior complex about my musical ability afterwards. Well, I am pushing 40 now and, by this good side effect of aging, those negative thoughts do not come up any more. Confucius once said in Analects "turning 40 and becoming not being perplexed." I think, "not being perplexed" includes "giving up on a lot of things." I mean it good way. I am able to think and feel straight now, like "Music is great."

I was still hearing the lingering of the concert on the way home. Ah, that improvised ballad was awesome.

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