Taiko Drum Class (Week 1)


I took a taiko drum class with sensei Kaoru Watanabe. I have been the biggest fan of Japanese taiko group Kodo ever since when I was a music college student, and I always wanted to learn how to play the taiko drums from Kaoru-san who is an ex-member of Kodo. My dream has been realized at last after two long years.




This is the 5-week course for beginners and I have just finished the first one. I have something to say about this.


"M-maybe the taiko is broken?" That was a natural consequence for the simplistic thinking of Ippei the professional escapist. Of course taiko was fine, but when I played it, the sound was missing the bass, in other words, it was just the sound of its skin but the sound did not fully resonate with its wooden body. If I really force it, I get one or two good ones but I have got to get continuously and evenly without forcing it. At the same time, Kaoru-san get good ones all the time. Mmm, am I in trouble? I cannot get too much further with this poor sound. Got to learn the right form and the right hit point quickly.

Kaoru Watanabe Taiko Center

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