WaFoo Chamber Unit @ Tuttoriso in Staten Island, NY


I rode out the high wave and arrived to Staten Island. The ferry terminal was packed with the tourists of Thanksgiving and I made my way trough the crowd to get to Tuttoriso. We had a very special guest today. The founding member of WaFoo, Tsuyoshi Niwa, was in New York on business and played the soprano sax with us today. His tone and the time feel were excellent as I had remembered. I jumped on the bass for a few tunes and enjoyed the conversation with the sounds with Tsuyoshi. We talked to each other throughly.
Yuuki Koike (Flute, Alto Sax)
Kazuo Nakamura (Bass)
Ippei Ichimaru (Percussion)
Tsuyoshi Niwa (Soprano Sax)
Oh yes, we did not have any harmony instruments like guitar or keyboard today. This situation is an extreme fun for us bassists!

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